Wednesday, 14 November 2012

80 Year Old Tries to Date Woman Half His Age

Wild Weeklies is shocked over claims that an old Langston pensioner is preying upon women half his age and under. Anything above this general ratio doesn't catch his notice and, in fact, one Langston lady, who is 80 and yearning for some human affection from "The Golden Oldie", as he is notoriously known, was affronted when he told her quite frankly that she wasn't his type due to her questionable age.

One lady was having none of his advances as she resorted to walking the street with a paper bag covering her face in order to escape from his notice. This only made her a talking point for the whole of her street, with some neighbours claiming she had "finally succumbed to her fear of people". Meanwhile, the poor lady, who wishes to remain anonymous due to her fear of being discovered by the man who has become her nemesis, is having a nightmare whilst shopping and is having to resort to taking her son out with her to do her weekly shop as she dreads the thought of being recognised, disguised as she is, in her paper bag.

"It's a living hell" she says, speaking to me from behind a screen to further protect her anonymity. "I can't go anywhere on my own anymore".

Indeed, this seems to be the attitude of many of the poor women who have become ensnared in the clutches of this notorious old man.  Please, ladies - be aware. If you are approached, be cautious. This man is dangerous and needs to be stopped.

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